Posted by : Malthe Vinter 15.03.2024

March 2024 Release


With our new Workspaces feature, you can now create dedicated spaces for different business areas. Whether it's HR, Legal, Finance, or Marketing, each workspace allows you to centralize documents, streamline collaboration, and ensure that sensitive information remains secure.

One of the key benefits of Workspaces is they allow you to control who can view and manage documents within each workspace. This ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and only accessible to authorized personnel.

Furthermore, Workspace promotes collaboration by providing a centralized platform for team members to work together on documents. Whether it's reviewing contracts, obtaining approvals, or tracking progress, Workspace facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among team members.

Overall, GoatSign's Workspace feature offers a convenient and efficient solution for organizing, managing, and collaborating on documents within your organization. By creating dedicated workspaces tailored to your business needs, you can enhance productivity, ensure data security, and streamline your document management processes.


Managing document workflows just got even more flexible with our Tasks feature. Now, create custom tasks tailored to your signature flows. Whether it's a reminder to review a contract or a deadline for document submission, our customizable tasks ensure that important deadlines are complied with, and nothing falls through the cracks.

Easily integrate task management into your document workflow with GoatSign's Task feature. From the document overview, you can create tasks seamlessly, ensuring smooth collaboration and timely completion. Whether it's setting up deadlines or ensuring compliance, creating tasks related to document signing has never been easier.

With GoatSign, you gain a comprehensive overview of all tasks, allowing you to filter them based on specific documents or responsible parties. Choose from a variety of task types such as extend, milestone, expiration, delivery, or customize as needed. Plus, you can add due dates, reminders, and relevant descriptions to keep everyone on the same page.

Customer branding

Your brand is important, and now you can showcase it throughout the document signing process. With our Customer Branding feature, you can customize the signing experience with your company logo. Create a seamless and professional impression that reflects your brand identity every step of the way.

With GoatSign's Customer Branding feature, you also enhance credibility by showcasing that you're a part of the signing process.

Expansion of templates' dynamics variables

When creating a template in GoatSign, you can define dynamic variables, which have recently been enhanced with additional functionality. Now, you can specify the type of dynamic variable, choosing from text, date, number, or decimal. Additionally, you have the flexibility to specify the date format and choose the decimal separator according to your preferences.

This enhancement offers several advantages. By allowing users to specify the type of dynamic variable (text, date, number, or decimal), it provides greater clarity and accuracy in document customization. This ensures that the information inputted aligns precisely with the intended format.

The ability to specify the format of dates and choose the decimal separator enhances the user experience by accommodating different regional preferences and formatting requirements. This ensures that documents generated through GoatSign are not only accurate but also tailored to the specific needs and preferences of users across different regions and industries.

Overall, this expansion to dynamic variables streamline the document creation process, improve accuracy, and enhance user customization options, thereby contributing to a more efficient and user-friendly document signing experience.

New subscriptions

GoatSign's subscription options have been revamped to cater to a wider range of companies. Our new packages include Free, Professional, Teams Starter Pack, and Business.

  • Free: Ideal for small companies requiring straightforward contract signing solutions.
  • Professional: Designed for small businesses seeking streamlined contract signing processes.
  • Teams Starter Pack: Tailored for medium-sized companies needing 10 licenses to manage contract signing. This package offers a bundled deal, providing 10 licenses at a discounted rate.
  • Business: Geared towards larger companies requiring more than 10 licenses. This subscription offers unlimited users access to all of GoatSign's features.


GoatSign's latest upgrades streamline document management and signing. Workspaces organize documents securely. Tasks ensure deadlines are met. Customer Branding adds professionalism. Expanded dynamic variables enhance customization.

We appreciate your ongoing support, and there's more to come as we continue refining GoatSign to meet your evolving needs.

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