Posted by : Malthe Vinter 17.05.2024

May 2024 Release

We are excited to announce some significant updates to GoatSign that are sure to elevate your document signing experience. Our latest enhancements focus on two key areas: The template features and signature flow redesign. Let's delve into the details:

Updated Template Features:

One of the improvements is the updated template features. You're now able to upload .docx documents directly into GoatSign, making it even easier to create templates.

By allowing users to upload .docx documents directly into GoatSign, we eliminate the need for manual conversion to PDF, saving users valuable time and effort.

This update also empowers users to control the assignment of dynamic variables within their templates.
Users are now able to specify whether the recipient or the initiator should assign the value of a dynamic variable.

But that's not all! — Users now have access to a brand-new field type: Options.

When a dynamic variable is set to the Options type, users can establish a set of predefined values that can be assigned to the variable during document completion.
With these latest additions users gain unparalleled flexibility in tailoring their document workflows to match their unique requirements.

Redesigned Signature Flow:

In our continuous efforts to improve user experience, we've also redesigned the signature flow to be more intuitive and user-friendly.
We understood that the signature process could felt overwhelming, especially for first-time users.

That's why we've broken down the signature initiation form into smaller, more manageable parts. By breaking down the form into sections, we aim to improve simplicity and make the process more user-friendly.

This segmentation approach allows users to focus on one aspect of the signature process at a time, reducing cognitive load and enhancing clarity. Users can progress through the form step by step, completing each section with confidence and ease.

By simplifying and optimizing the signature process, we hope this enables you to initiate a document signing quickly and efficiently, ultimately resulting in greater productivity and success.


The recent update to GoatSign is set to introduce enhancements aimed at improving user experience and functionality.
This includes a revamped template feature and a redseign of the signture flow.

These changes reflect GoatSign's commitment to providing a seamless and intuitive document signing experience, empowering users to sign documents quickly and efficiently while ensuring clarity and ease of use throughout the process.

We appreciate your ongoing support, and there's more to come as we continue refining GoatSign to meet your needs.

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